At Corocora Camp, you’ll enjoy horseback riding, bird watching, tracking pumas, off-roading, herding cattle, with the ultimate luxury of spacious tents, spectacular gastronomy, outstanding company and endless sundowners and bonfire dinners – all in the middle of nowhere.

  • Wildlife

    A Safari in Los Llanos is far from what is perceived as a traditional safari; there will be no elephants and no giraffes. It will however, be a Colombian Safari – and given that Colombia is one of the seventeen mega-biodiverse countries in the world that still remains largely untouched - there will certainly be no lack of wildlife. On horseback, aboard a 4x4 or even a canoe, get up close to this region’s incredible fauna, and set out on evening drives to experience the elusive magic of nocturnal Llanos. Key species include white-tailed deer, capybaras, anacondas, giant anteaters, howler monkeys, and if you are very luck, jaguars, pumas. Visit us at the end of rainy season to catch a glimpse of the allusive pink river dolphins along the wild meta river!

  • Horseback Riding Expedition

    Undoubtedly the best way to explore the depths of the region is by traditional horseback. As vast areas of the plains become flooded during rainy season, horseback is the only way to fully experience the region’s diverse landscapes, for both experienced and beginner riders alike. Alongside a local llanero who lives and breathes the land, set out across the endless plains, chasing wildlife, crossing rivers and even swimming through lakes - all on horseback. Guests can venture out on a riding expedition at any time of the day or night, making this a truly liberating experience that embodies the very essence of Corocora Camp.

  • Birdwatching

    Alongside an expert birder, set off early in search of the most exotic bird species found in the region. Whether you are a keen birdwatcher, or would just like a go, learn some handy tips and techniques for spotting birds, and distinguishing them from their birdsong. Guests can expect to see the capped heron, burrowing owl, jabiru, snowy egrit, and the emblematic scarlet ibis.

  • A day in the life

    For one of the most authentic experiences in wild Colombia, spend a day alongside the local llaneros, or, Colombian Cowboys. Taming and creating strong bonds with their horses and caring for cattle is a principle way of life; one that is taught from early childhood and lives on through the proud young generations. Try your hand at the lasso, ride your horse barefoot and learn traditional melodies used to call and ease cattle.

  • Culture & Traditions

    Much like it’s landscapes, the cultural traditions of Los Llanos are incredibly distinctive. Music and poem play a vital part in the lives of the local people, with intimate gatherings consisting of singing, dancing and drinking aguardiente as the fresh meat cooks on the traditional mamona barbeque. The locals use a combination of harp and string from the small tres cuerdas guitar to compliment witty lyrics about their families, women, horses and land to create an enchanting atmosphere around the fire. These cultural traditions have been beautifully preserved to this day and offer guests an extremely privileged cultural interaction first-hand.

  • Feline Conservation

    Join biologists from the Cunaguaro project and directly contribute to the conservation of the region’s allusive ocelots, pumas and jaguars in a unique experience. Guests will help conservationists set-up camera traps in order to track the felines' movements, and help protect these important species. Following your visit to Corocora, we will send you photos and updates of the felines photographed with the cameras you personally set up.